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               Wings of Peace:                                       Healing of the Heart:

            1. Wings of Peace                                   1. Love to Live
            2. Na Bun Fu Yu                                      2. I Loved You Since Heaven    
            3. To Where You Are ( Marji Arias)    3. Until We Meet Again
            4. Life Force                                             4. So in Love
            5. Until We Meet Again                        5. New Beginnings
            6. Angel of My Heart                             6. You're Never Alone
            7. Na Bun Fu Yu, ext version                7. Reflections
            8. Eternal Hopes ( Rhea Khoeblal)       8. Angel of My Heart
            9. Life Force 'live'                                    9. Majestic Suite
          10. Wings of Peace 'live'                        10. Moonstruck
          11. Na Bun Fu Yu, solo piano

Your Wings of Peace or Healing of the Heart CD:

In Suriname: Wings of Peace CD's are available at Boembox, Poku Shop, Disco Amigo, Faranaz Literair in the Hermitage Mall, Star Brake Service Mahonylaan en Cheung's Music in Paramaribo Downtown. For large quantities , contact Infinity N.V. at 431665. Healing of the Heart CD's can be ordered by e-mail.

Other countries: Order your Wings of Peace or Healing of the Heart CD's by sending an e-mail.

Wings of Peace

The album 'Wings of Peace', is music from world-class pianist-keyboardist-composer Sonny Khoeblal. The 70 minute 'Wings of Peace' currently has a # 1 hit in South America, 'To Where You Are,' written and sung by Marji Nelson-Arias. The title song, 'Wings of Peace' written by Sonny, is one of the longest playing instrumental songs in South America, adding enjoyment to people's lives with daily radio airplay for over 5 years now.

11 Songs, incl. 2 live tracks, band performances plus 2 solo piano pieces. 20 Artists from four nations lending their artistic skills to this album , bringing you a very entertaining blend of jazz, fusion, funk, pop, R&B, new age, caribjazz and flavors of Africa and India.

Amazing performances by Glenn Teixeira on bass, Henk Pahlad , Kurt Belshaw, Bill Lorentzen and Pat Zagury on guitar, Sanne Landvreugd and Wilgo Telting on saxes, Albert Calor , Greg Kranenburg and Tazz Washington on drums, Mau Issa on percussion, Bies Kandhai on synth, Marji Arias Nelson and Voices in Praise on vocals, Rhea Khoeblal on piano and ofcourse the one and only Sonny on grand piano , programming and amazing synth solo performances and composing ! Get your CD today !

You can also place your order(s) by sending an e-mail to : wingsofpeace@yahoo.com 

Also, did you know about Sonny's solo piano relax CD 'Healing of the Heart',?

Healing of the Heart

Don't mis out on a great artist; come to JoeVincelli's site and order his latest CD, and DVD today !

CD cover design by Robert O'Brien Design, www.treeguides.com 

Sonny's photo by Ian Nesty, photopl@sr.net