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April 2009 . Welcome !  Welkom alle fans, and thank you for visiting to learn more about myself , my music and other activities.


Sonny Khoeblal ,  sinds 1979 actief in de Suri music-biz, begon zijn muziekvorming in Suriname op de Volksmuziekschool en trainde onder Sukky Akkal, Eddy Vervuurt, Leo Ferrier en Ricardo Tjon A Kong, waarna hij middels zelfstudie, applicatie en later aan het Berklee Jazz College of Music , in Boston (USA) zichzelf  verder ontwikkelde tot beroepspianist, keyboardist, arrangeur, producer, sound engineer en componist.  Hij is ook maker van de hitsongs 'Wings of Peace' en 'Life Force',  radio en tv favorieten in ons land en elders alsook the latest love ballad 'We Still Fly'  featuring new vocal talent Xamira van Windt uit Suriname. Met ruime ervaring in meer dan 20 bands en via minstens 1000 optredens met internationale sterren als Maxine Nightingale , Denise Jannah en Chick Corea  op wereld muziekpodia, w.o.  St Lucia Jazz-, Cayenne - en Suriname Jazz Festivals alsook met Majestic Cruise Lines helpt hij dolgraag andere muziek artiesten.


I am making the most of life and music in our tropical paradise of  Suriname,  where you too should come if you're not already here and share our sense of  'forever freedom'.                                                                                                                  May my site inspire people all over the world to improve as human beings, we all want an end to wars, terrorism, chaos, criminality, viloence, poverty, illiteracy,  conflict and personal danger. It is time that Self respect and respect for others should take a more prominent role in our lives !

Sonny's Foundation Art for Freedom will offer, in April 2009 the new :


Special thanks to one of our Guest Instructor Vincent van Ommeren from the Netherlands, last year who you can reach at vomm@wanadoo.nl .


On April 6th, I present the following :

OTHER NEWS :  Look out for latest news on THE SURI TALENT SHOW 2008 and 2009.

BEST WESTERN ELEGANCE Hotel, Paramaribo.  I am pleased to announce my engagement with this exemplary enterprise. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you can find me perform solo piano works in the lobby from 7-10pm .Wings of Peace is still a favorite for many of you and I thank you for that. New tunes are in the oven right now as well as preparations for upcoming live and tv concerts in Suriname, the Caribbean and the Netherlands. 

From time to time I also have been performing great music with other Suriname top artists such as Indian singer Saveendra Baynath doing popular Bollywood songs mixed with Modern Jazz . Here we are at the Elegance Hotel in Suriname, with Robby Tjon en Fa on bass, Andy Cotino on drums, Laurence Gudge on alto and soprano sax and myself on piano and synthesizer. Special guests were also Angela Wu on piano and Brian Muntslag on vocals.

So, that's the latest news. Please stay in touch with us and tell us what you'd like to hear or see. On this site you may purchase your own Wings of Peace CD , (or on CDBaby) listen to music samples, see who we are and share our interests with us. Wings of Peace is a music album that inspires mankind with the very calming message of peace and cooperation and inspiration from goodfeeling music.

Hear Samples & Order CD's

So if you don't own our music in your home, office, store, boat, plane or car yet, you can order your Wings of Peace CD by clicking on " Hear Samples & Order CD's ", in the left column and follow all easy steps. Let our music enrich your life or that of someone you care for and love.

On it, more than 20 gifted artists from 4 nations entertain you with their best performances. Songs included are Wings of Peace, Life Force, Na Bun Fu Yu ( Mi Kondre Tru), as well as the #1 hit To Where You Are with beautiful lyrics, by Marji Nelson from the USA. and others, 11 in total, 70 minutes of exciting and relaxing music.

If you are a promotor or show organiser, we welcome you to book us early on, as the demand for our concerts grows and our schedule could get filled sooner than we or you think. And again, anyone who wants to reserve tickets, simply send us an e-mail at sonkho@gmail.com.,

If you live in Suriname.....


~ Sonny ...


Sonny Khoeblal
Management by SonRaj Entertainment
Website : www.sonnykhoeblal.com
E-mail : sonkho@gmail.com
Telephone Netherlands : +31-6-1483-7285
Fax & VoiceMail USA : 001-626-609-4135


Please direct all business requests to :

sonkho@gmail.com  or wingsofpeace@yahoo.com

Management in the Netherlands:

Shirley Khoeblal
E-mail : info@shikho.nl
Telephone : +31-6-2398-7022

SHIKHO Projecten
Koninginneweg 2
3941 DP Doorn
The Netherlands, Europe


Management in Suriname & USA:
SonRaj Entertainment
PO BOX 2025
Suriname, South-America


Photo of Sonny by Ian Nesty, photopl@sr.net

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