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Sonny welcomes your communication and will personally answer your e-mail, so feel free to send yours to : :sonkho@gmail.com

USA  (626) 609-4135(fx & tl) or Suriname : 011-597-875-7551, or 420395 or 430960 via Radjen Koemarsingh. In Netherlands, via Shirley Khoeblal 31-6-23-987-022 .

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Sonny Khoeblal
Management by SonRaj Entertainment
Website : www.sonnykhoeblal.com
E-mail : sonkho@gmail.com
Telephone Netherlands : +31-6-1483-7285
Fax & VoiceMail USA : 001-626-609-4135


Please direct all business requests to :

sonkho@gmail.com  or wingsofpeace@yahoo.com

Management in the Netherlands:

Shirley Khoeblal
E-mail : info@shikho.nl
Telephone : +31-6-2398-7022

SHIKHO Projecten
Koninginneweg 2
3941 DP Doorn
The Netherlands, Europe


Management in Suriname & USA:
SonRaj Entertainment
PO BOX 2025
Suriname, South-America