Super Jet Pilots

Something many of you do not know is,  that right after High School I trained in the field of Air Traffic Control and worked as an assistant controller for a period of two years at Zandery, nowadays the Johan A Pengel international airport of  Suriname, South America (while becoming very active in my music career already).

I learned the rules of the air and of navigation and since then developed a strong liking for aviation in general . Interestingly, I have also been able to develop and maintain friendships with a number of pilots and air traffic personnel in a number of nations. To this day I sometimes go ‘hang’ with my friends in control towers where that is allowed by security regulations.

I myself would like to learn to fly as well, preferably Jumbo Jets, but funny enough I find that many of my aviation friends are also musicians! A number of them are an MD11 Captain in Curacao,  a B747 first officer in Suriname and B737 Captain ,B747& DC10 first officer in Germany, all of them musicians too!

It seems that the two somehow go together. With this page I would like to invite you to share your appreciation of this field and simply drop me an email. I also have ideas that would put all pilots at way more cause over their environment, their flight and improve their reaction time and ability to swiftly execute the right handling majorly when needed in order to maintain causative safety for all involved.