A special cruise ship for you

And now to answer the BIG question. Many of you often ask me about that Special Ship I have had the privilege of making music on for the last 16 years.

Well that ship is truly special and sails in the lovely Caribbean , is loved by many and exists for you too, not just me alone; it has always been there for me or you as a vital necessity in our lives, with a lot of affordable luxury added in.

Freewinds cruise ship

Freewinds cruise ship

It is a very safe place with an internationally highly praised and qualified crew, where you learn to discover and regain your own positive abilities, so that you too can create the causative and ‘more’ life that you want for yourself, your health, your family and your community or company or nation, without any ‘how-to’ mysteries attached to it! You can also come as groups and learn tools with full confidence, with which you can go back and improve social , organizational and economic situations in your country.

The lives of thousands of people have changed for the better when they did any of the courses on board. Groups often go there again and again for conventions from Taiwan, Russia, Europe, Africa, Mexico, South America, the U.S.A.., Canada and so forth. The courses, seminars and environment have helped me create greater music, look and feel 10 years younger and be a more fun person to have around; I have made many wonderful new friendships there.

Wings of Peace was majorly influenced by this distraction free ‘home away from home’ where everyone on board truly cares and works to help you accomplish your goals & ambitions in your life and help you bring your dreams and illusions to fruition ! If you have barriers or doubts in life, don’t keep on living with them; learn on board how to blow them to pieces !

Freewinds cruise ship

Freewinds cruise ship

Along with your studies you get to go enjoy the paradise that the Caribbean is, dine in the ship’s 5 star restaurants and enjoy celebrity entertainment at night, when you often can see me perform with international world class artists. I have seen many other cruise ships around, but there is not one like this one in terms of what it does for you, me, us and the societies of the world. So decide to give yourself what you deserved so long , let today be that turning point for you, when you majorly changed things around for the better and the ‘more’ because you learned how to become a person who can always be on top of life instead of life standing on and running you,… and join the thousands like you and me!

Just contact me and I will help you make it to the ship.

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