Buy Sonny’s new music – mp3’s

TO ALL MY FANS.    Did you know :

that, since 2004 I have not brought you any new instrumental song of mine, after            Wings of Peace…?

Production and distribution costs per conventional models have gone way up and     the    revenue in return for that is not optimum. Also, people have new ways of listening to music: Ipod, cellphones, mp3 players. Less and less prefer CD’s….

How would you like it if I produced (at least) ONE NEW SONG of mine per month and I emailed it to you as a fresh-out-of-the-oven MP3 and , in exchange you support my Production and Administration Operations with just US$2 of EU2, or SRD 5 per song ?

You get the song mailed to you as an mp3. No need to go to a store.

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